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Wedding trends 2023: From the dress & suit, to décor & color pallette, for a perfect nuptial.

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

​You are maybe planning your wedding for next year, looking for some inspiration and getting lost with all the options available. As it can be time consuming, we gathered for you, the best styles en-vogue!

​Dress & Suit :

​The famous Pinterest Predicts annual report has arrived ... And do you know what will be the biggest trend for wedding dress in 2023 ?

The fringe dress! It stands out, with the most "Pin it", according to Pinterest.

Why is this dress so popular?

The wedding dress with fringes is original and suitable for various wedding themes.

Conferring a boho-chic style, you can also find attractive design reflecting more the 70's and 80's (making a strong comeback!).

Another variant with fine and drooping feathers has been noted.

From strapless, with sequins, to short dresses, various alternatives that can work perfectly with this dress' style.

​A lot of brides get a second dress for their cocktail & reception, so they can be more comfortable once the ceremony & photos are over.

Opting for a dress less puffy or too fitted and going with this trend, allows you more freedom in your movement throughout your special day and on the dance floor! You'd still feel stunning for your ceremony, without a need of another dress for after.

On the men's side, the all-white look stays in force in 2023.

You can go with a timeless white tuxedo, a more simple style with a white shirt and pants, or pick something more original & unique and get a satin jacket or even sequin shoes! If you don't really like white, earth tones is safe choice.

​Jewelry :

Pearls will be the trendy detail.

You can find this elegant, fine element in the bridal jewelry, on the dress, clutch, suit or shoes and also in your decoration.

Themes :

Coachella wedding Theme. Inspired by festivals, perfect for those who'd love to have a large gathering, want to create more like a party than something very traditional and offer to their guests an unique experience. Ideal in a vast space / outdoors.

Be fun & creative! Get Food trucks, live music, tents, light shows, lounge area, smoke bombs for pictures!

All- white décor with a pop of color.

White in wedding décor will be one of the major trend in 2023.

Using white furniture and adding a touch of color here and there, by incorporating some floral centerpieces or colored napkins, glasses - goblets.

Minimal-Pop, a flair of modern and fun.

Floral compositions and color palettes :

Cream, orange, hues of green (like emerald, sage, bottle), lavender, yellow and navy blue will be popular.

Beautiful and colorful options; easy to work with.

It allows you to create the perfect color combination, based on your taste, it will be suitable to everyone.

Congratulations to all of you getting married next year.

Planning can be overwhelming, so I hope this post will help you to the best in making decisions or at least inspiring you.

As long as you will create something that reflects truly who you are and what you like, your day will be perfect!

It is beautiful to tie the knot, but even more joyous is the wonderful memories of your love shared as one and how it will endure for all time.

I wish you all the best.

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Steven Larin
Steven Larin
May 18, 2023

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