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Ultimate Ukrainian Style for your Home

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Fall is here! Leaves already turned yellow & orange, bare trees around but it doesn't mean we can't have some bright and fresh colors for our indoors.

One of my friend spent her Summer Vacations in Eastern Europe and came back with beautiful memories. I decided though, to do a post about Eastern Design. I focused on the Ukrainian Folk Art Style, with their vibrant colors and patterns.

I gathered some pretty items to inspire you and help you design your home!

But first, let me describe you shortly what are the commons details you will find into that style.

Except Carpathians - Traditional Ukrainian Houses was build with natural materials, a mix of straw and clay for the walls, wooden frame windows and straw roof.

Ukrainians painted their houses with flowers and/or geometrical figures; using mostly white and red colors and also rich primary colors.

We also find some colorful Carpathian woven rugs adding a bohemian touch to Ukrainian interiors. These rugs serve a dual function, decorate and isolate.

Note ***Ukrainians take their shoes off before come in a house, in order to protect rugs and out of respect for the owner.

Have you heard of Petrykivka?

This is an old Ukrainian Art form, arises from the Petrykivka village in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

A traditional Ukrainian folk decorative painting style that has played a spiritual role in people’s lives for centuries. Included to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in 2013.

The main elements of Petrykivka are lush flowers, symbols of nature: mallow, peonies, asters, various wild flowers. The plant imagery is often combined with birds or fire-birds, and sometimes with images of animals and people. This art is rich in symbolism: the rooster stands for fire and spiritual awakening, while birds represent light, harmony and happiness.

Ukrainian art can be divided into such categories as ceramics, woodcarving, weaving and embroidery.

* Ceramics is one of the most popular form of folk art in Ukraine. Pottery was highly developed from the ancient times, and ceramics was widely used by Ukrainians up until industrialization in XX century. * Weaving has been known in Ukrainian lands since prehistoric times. It is one of the most widely spread type of handicraft and folk art on the whole ethnic territory of the country.

* The art of woodcarving has become one of the most sophisticated forms of wood processing in Ukraine.

Numerous objects such as ledges, household items, furniture, utensils, labor tools and weapons were decorated with wood engravings. * Embroidery may be called the most famous type of Ukrainian decorative folk art. Ukrainian women have been always well-known for their perfect skills of embroidering amazing ornamental and narrative figures using different embroidery techniques.

Let's talk about Decor !!

For a successful design at home: Pick neutral colors for you main walls, some rustic-style furniture and add colorful patterned items to bring that Ukrainian style to life.

Here's some great inspirations for you: from light to bold! A living room design and a stimulating hotel in


My Selection:

Great news for the "Anthropologie" brand Lovers ... You can now find their Home Collection at Hudson Bay's!! They totally worked on the look with those stunning products ... Bright colors - flowery motifs, it is all we need. My favorite pick would be their bakeware / cookware Collection.



Accent the style of your home décor with these stoneware vases. You can use them as pitcher / vase or simply as decorating element. Incorporating natural material, color and patterns fitting perfectly with our theme; their earthenware look blends well with many décor styles too (rustic - modern - boho).

Some people like to use simple kitchen towel; others like me, like to use some with printed patterns. Changing the style throughout seasons or just to push details a bit further! You can also go for a global simple design in your home and decide to add only small details to bring up the style picked.

On Etsy, you will see a nice range of various options to choose from for your perfect kitchen towel; including old fashioned ones.

Made - Buy handmade goods from around the world. An online Marketplace that represents more than 120 000 products, made of Eco-friendly materials.

My found among so many items available, that interesting colorful cutting board. Painted with gouache and varnished, this wooden chopping board can be used for its direct purpose. Or used as element of decor and enjoy its beauty every day!

A stunning Bohemian silk velvet embroidery wingback chair (handmade product), fun cushion for your living room and of course a traditional wool carpet / throw blanket named Lizhnyk for warm cozy evenings during winter.

And if you only want to commit to a small room, I would pick the bathroom! That little "Island inside of your home"... A part of all the other rooms, allow yourself some Fun. Usually a small volume, which won't be too expensive to decorate.

Ukrainian - Bohemian style .. Be bold , be creative , be colorful , try new things. From small accessories to a complete look, find what reflects you the most in term of color, pattern, abundonnance and repetition of items.

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