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How to get your pendant light right

Whether you've bought a new pendant light or feeling simply in the mood for a DIY project and build your own; choosing how to hang your light is just as important as the light itself.

The suspension height is an eternal question in design and can be tricky: ceiling height, dimensions of the fixtures, the lighting zone … all of these elements have a direct impact on the choice of the fixture’s height.

Here are some tips for you on how to suspend your ceiling fixture and get optimal lighting for each room of your home.

- Living room:

The pendant lighting’s goal is to light a seat or angle of the room. In that optic, place the light at 30 to 40 cm (10 to 15 inches) above the object or the area to light up.

If you decide to position it in the middle of the room, the lower part of the suspension would be placed at a minimum height of 1,80 meter (70 inches).

** The Golden Rule being 2,15 meter (84,6”)**

Unless it is placed above a dining table, a pendant light requires at least 2,50 meter high ceiling (94”).

- A distance of 40 to 50 cm (15” to 20”) between the fixture and the ceiling is necessary.

- The bottom of the suspension must end around 1,90 meter and 2 meters (75” to 78”) from the floor, in order to not disturb the flaw of the room. [This makes it the ideal option to light up a high ceiling living room.]

In a type of high volume rooms, the lighting that you will provide to them is very important to establish a cozy atmosphere. Care must be taken; this point is to not be undervalued, to avoid a feeling of austerity the room could create with a “Cathedral Look”.

Over sized Lampshade - Ikea

- Dining room:

Install a pendant light above the dining table is very fashionable, in addition to providing a pleasant light on your plates, and a comfortable/cozy feeling for your family and friends who gather around the table!

Above the dining table, the low part of the suspension must be placed at 1,60 meter high (63”).

Very visible, the fixture is showcased and lights perfectly the table. However, make sure it does not dazzle or interferes with movements around. Ideally, the light diffused by the suspensions must cover a larger perimeter than the table and chairs, while still offering a focused light.

The ideal height then, depends on the lighting you would like to diffuse; but also on the type of pendant fixtures you pick: clear – airy - light – imposing – ultra design – retro – metal or fabrics ….

The good lighting shall render your China, silverware, crystals and floral arrangements “POP” when you have a holiday dinner; but must also allow you to use that space for other activities like reading, playing.

Pendant light

To create a more intimate beam of light that lights up the dining table on a focal point, you need to hang your fixture at around 75cm (29”) above the table, allowing the light to condense on a specific zone.

- Kitchen :

A combination between pendant light and additional lighting, is the most common and effective solution. The suspension finds naturally his place above a strategic zone, such as a table or counter top.

Spotlights and wall lamps are then used to add more light to darker areas, whereas LED strips or florescent tubes will light up work zones, such as the sink or cooking surface.

-Kitchen Island :

Due to its wide use, the best lighting for the kitchen island should be multi-functional. Several factors determine the best lighting solutions for an island:

* The size of the kitchen island

* The ceiling Height

* The use of the kitchen island

The pendant lights must be hang at 30cm (1Ft) below the ceiling and at a height of 2,40m to 2,50 meters (95” to 96”).

The height can also be measured from the surface underneath the light, favoring a distance of 75cm to 90 cm (29” to 35”) above the counter. It is the most convenient height, especially for the suspensions used to light up the cooking tasks area. The suspensions must be maintained above the work surface/counter top to a high that will not block the view on the kitchen.

Geometric Pendant light - Kitchen Island

- Bedroom :

To draw the bedroom a favorable relaxing space, the light must be soft and soothing.

If you decide to have the pendant light mid-room, place it at a height between 1,90m to 2 meters (6’23” to 6’56”) from the floor, to diffuse a light sufficiently enlightening and without a glare.

You also could be a bit more trendy by using some simple suspensions with visible light bulbs (Edison’s Bulbs..) that you can place on each side of the bed.

In that case, they must be placed very low around the bed head height, approx. 1,20 meter (3’93”) from the floor.

If it happens you have reading/relaxing corner area with a cozy chair or a meridian chaise lounge: You could place the fixture at 1,60 meter (5’25”) from the floor , wall side- to not interfere with the flaw – just above the zone to light up.

Paper Pendant Light

Yarn Ball Pendant Light

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There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right lighting for your room’s aesthetic, many of which are beautiful on their own, but when paired with the wrong accessories or furniture, can bring down the aesthetic value of the space.

Make sure what you decide on does not overpower or mismatch the rest of the room.

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