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Easter Tablescape & Centerpiece

Throwback to Easter with this Organic and Whimsy Tablescape.

Natural and Spring Inspired Easter Tablescape
Natural and Spring Inspired Easter Tablescape

Often, we find ourselves browsing Pinterest for tablescapes with no idea how to execute our vision. Have you ever been inspired by a unique find to create a curated tablescape? Need a fun project for the family or just want to have a beautiful table for the holidays? Keep reading if you want to know how to create a budget friendly table setting, inspired by nature.

This tablescape was designed with pieces from Dollarama, fresh flowers and natural components. A simple, yet elegant Easter Table using pale Spring colours.

Let’s go further into the details.

It all began with branches covered by lichen that I found in a florist Shop. It was the perfect piece to start something with! It obviously calls Nature - Woods and a bit of Magic.. which lead me to thoughts of the Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland. Don’t we all want something fun and a tiny crazy sometimes? I decided to create something surprising and whimsical, but kept it on the stylish side!

The Table runner has been nicely replaced by some soil.. That’s right! Some soil to accentuate the natural- whimsical side of the theme; to open the path, greeting and nestled perfectly in those different elements composing the table, including the branch.

I decided to use bud vases for the flowers and add some colorant to the water to bring a little fun (cheap and creative idea). Then I used a beautiful glass pitcher (from Walmart) and put some white Plastic Easter Eggs (Dollarama), with natural moss in between, in order to bring more texture to the tablescape. Another touch of nature is the addition of the Jade Plant. I loved incorporating even more nature into this piece by using snail shells, ceramic birds and some accent color to brighten it up with the Reindeer Moss... If you haven't discovered reindeer moss already, I Love It! It can be used in almost everything and will bring some fun colorful texture to your design. Available in different colors, you can keep it for a while. Once it dries out, let it soak for a few minutes in water and it will take is natural spongy shape back right away.

For the place setting, I choose to spray those same white plastic Eggs (From Dollarama) with some gold – gray – and black… I used a sharpie for the lines and a gold marker for the geometric pattern and just had fun with spray bottles. I also used a Salal leaf as a seating assignment, and everything was then placed in that cute nest filled with Natural moss.

Branch and Tulip Chandelier
Branch and Tulip Chandelier

To make everything even more magical, I built this Chandelier made with the branch, and fresh tulips hanging upside down. I always like to play with height when it comes to my designs.

Tell me what have you created using a unique piece that has inspired you?


Now for the Easter Centerpiece!

If you have an accent table in your entrance or on your buffet in your living room or dining room; be creative and design a great large centerpiece to connect all your elements together. Again, it doesn’t have to be expensive!! Take the largest container or widest pot you have, and find a beautiful piece of wood; here we used a log as our main element to start with.

In a cement container we placed the log, some soil and natural moss around. What is Easter without “Bunnies”!!?? Grab all the nice small cute goodies that represent Easter; play with those and design something fun. Then, we added fresh flowers here and there, (feel free to use permanent ones so they can be re-used for future designs). I like to do clusters with the flowers; don’t think too much when you are placing them, go with your feeling!

(Designed with The Wheelbarrow Gardener)

Check it out here:

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