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Artist & Artisan SPOTLIGHT : L'Atelier ULGADOR - PARIS

Ulgador , The Poetry of Metal.

Glass, Aluminium and metal sheets, a clever mix manipulated with excellence and sublimity.

L'Atelier Ulgador is a familial business constantly seeking for new techniques, in order to transform basic materials into chef d'oeuvres!

Designer of decorative panels, ​Gabor Ulveczki considers himself as a craftsman and also as an artist. Bearing in mind the importance of his business reputation, he exclusively works manually.

Regarding materials, the metal sheets used are brass, aluminum, copper, silver .. and sometimes gold.

Attentive to his clients needs so as to develop the most appropriate services, he only makes custom products. Responsiveness and communication are two of the keys to his company's success.

​Since 1996, ULGADOR creates collections of wallpapers, wall panels, glass and decorative objects gilded with metal sheets, using unique means of applications, oxidation and corrosion of gold, copper, silver or aluminum leaf.

In 2007, the company was granted the “Living Heritage” label. ULGADOR also collaborates with many French companies to develop joint goods.

Their clientele consists essentially of specifiers and architects.

The most prestigious brands widely adopt ULGADOR such as Chanel, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and Bulgari.

It represents a great consecration for this painter by training, who 20 years ago somewhat by chance was working on metal foils, in response to a client demand.

"During a year, I did various trials and all of those paper scraps are now constituting my baseline".

CHANEL space including 35m2 of glass walls and windows have been decorated= It required 1 year of preparation/conception and 3 months of execution.

To maintain his creativity and find inspiration, the artisan spends a lot of time in shows dedicated to decoration and also museums.

​Gabor Ulveczki's daughter joined the company in the perspective of taking it over in the future; but the artisan is not ready to hang up just yet: " He envisages launching a line of finished products, pieces more accessible to a larger public and meet individuals requests."

There re only 2 working in the company, however for some projects, he involves some occasional independent subcontractors.

A beautiful exhibit is taking place in France at The Chateau De Champs Marne until April 30th 2022, called D'OR et D'ORIENT.

Ulgador's creations sublime the luxurious decorations of The Chateau Champs, blending perfectly with pieces of furniture of the 18th century.

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